Saturday, October 27, 2007

Joe Senser's for lunch

Joe Senser's Restaurant & Sports Theater
16605 County Road 24
Plymouth, MN

Today I took a break from my errands and stopped at the Plymouth Joe Senser's Restaurant & Sports Theater.

Joe Senser is one of the Minnesota Vikings' great tight ends from back in the late 70's and early 80's. His name has been prominent here in the state, as he not only did some color commentary on radio following his playing days, but in 1988, he open his first of what are now four awesome sports bars around the Twin Cities.

The Plymouth branch is the newest, and it is not really billed a a "sports bar," rather, it is a "sports theater." Easy to see why; I counted 14 enormous HDTV screens surrounding the entire place! I would think you would be able to catch just about any big game you wanted. It was impressive.

Also impressive is the menu, which contains the usual array of bar food, but it is a little more grown up with some interesting twist. Lots of great looking burgers, sandwiches, appetizers, and even some tempting entrees.

The "Cajun Burger" at Joe Senser's

I ordered the "Cajun Burger" and upgraded to the shoestring fries (instead of the standard Old Dutch kettle chips). This half pound monster came topped with ham, smoked mozzarella, BBQ sauce, lettuce, tomatoes, and red onions.

This was one of the biggest and tallest burgers I have ever had! Once you put the bun on top, it is almost impossible to take a bite of. Definitely more than a mouthful and cooked to order, it was oh, so good! Well browned on the outside, extremely juicy on the inside, sitting on top of some crisp veggies with plenty of smoky topping to add even more flavor. Nice!

The fries were good, too. Nothing fancy, just good, crisp, hot shoestring fries, exactly what you want with a burger.

My bill, with a diet Pepsi, came to $12.80 before tip. A little higher priced than some of the typical places I go for burgers. But it was a mountain of food, and the couple of extra bucks is worth it to enjoy the "sports theater!"

Stop in at one of Joe Senser's locations for the next big game. I guarantee you will not leave hungry.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

A return to the kitchen - part 2

And here is this weekend's damn good beef and mushroom lasagna...

It is good to be back in the kitchen! :)

A return to the kitchen - part 1

Over late September and early October, I was moving and didn't have much of a chance to cook (or blog about food, for that matter!). The past two weekends have been all about returning to the kitchen.

No words, really; just pictures:

Here is last weekend's damn good venison stew...