Saturday, June 30, 2007

Meisters for lunch

This morning I went for what was nearly a 16 mile run, my longest run to date. My reward was a burger. And a darn good one.

Today I made a return visit to Meisters Bar & Grill in Scandia, MN, but this time for lunch. On my original visit back in the beginning of May, I was at Meisters for breakfast, vowing that I would return for lunch.

So lunch I would have. They have a number of nice looking burgers and sandwiches to choose from. I opted for the “Bacon BBQ Meisterburger,” a 1/3 lb. burger with bacon, Swiss cheese, and BBQ sauce. Fries would come with it, and for an extra 50 cents, I made it “California style” with some tomato, lettuce, and mayonnaise.

The “Bacon BBQ Meisterburger” at Meisters Bar & Grill

This was a fantastic burger. In the picture, you will see that the burger is resting on top of something. That is all bacon, baby! (Good grief!) The burger was well prepared and juicy. The creamy Swiss cheese, a delightfully smoky BBQ sauce, and the aforementioned mound of crispy bacon all complimented the burger nicely, as did the upgrade to the California toppings. Excellent!

And bless Meisters, they make their own, homemade, hand-cut fries! (And there was much rejoicing!) So few places do this, and that is really a shame because the flavor is incomparable to frozen ones. The fries were delicious and something to be savored.

The online menu appears to have the incorrect price for my burger. It was actually $6.99 according to the computerized receipt, and with the 50 cent upgrade to the California fixings, brought the price to a scant $7.49. Add a diet Pepsi and some tax, and my total bill was all of $9.84 before tip.

Are you kidding? A burger this tasty with honest-to-goodness homemade fries for such an inexpensive price? Wow. I will be coming to Meisters Bar & Grill again. And again. And again. :)