Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wild Onion

This past weekend I was in Grand Marais, MN and got a chance to dine at a new restaurant in town.

Wild Onion Cafe
207 Wisconsin St.
Grand Marais, MN

The Wild Onion Cafe just opened on May 7th of this year. It is located in downtown Grand Marais in the Harbor Inn Motel and has a fantastic view of the harbor.

The menu is very creative and exhibits a great sense of humor, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner items available, depending upon the time of day. I was there for lunch, and they had numerous sandwich offerings that are familiar, but with a creative twist. There were things like a venison burger, a “BLT” with shaved Kobe beef, a smoked turkey sandwich on cranberry bread (cleverly named “11-25-07,” the day after Thanksgiving!), and a pulled barbecue chicken sandwich, to name a few.

I ordered their Rueben, which was corned beef with Swiss cheese, sweet and sour kraut, and a homemade Russian dressing.

The Rueben at the Wild Onion Cafe

Served on a delicious toasted caraway rye bread, the sandwich was excellent. The ingredients were top notch and very fresh, with a generous amount of corned beef, and was perfectly balanced with the cheese, kraut, and the zippy, sweet Russian dressing. Yum!

Homemade rosemary potato chips accompanied the Rueben, and they were absolutely wonderful. Think of the best kettle chip you have ever had lightly kissed with fresh rosemary. Outstanding. I wish I could buy bags of these chips.

When in Grand Marais looking for a meal that offers a new twist on some old favorites, stop in at the Wild Onion Cafe. Enjoy the beautiful view, along with some very well prepared and delicious food.