Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Gordy's revisited

While driving back to the Twin Cities from Duluth, I realized that, with the summer season essentially upeon us, it was time to take a detour for lunch and head into Cloquet, MN.

Gordy’s Hi-Hat is open again. (And there was much rejoicing!)

My bacon cheeseburger and fries at Gordy’s Hi-Hat

I had previously written about Gordy’s, a seasonal operation that is only open during Minnesota's milder months, so I need not go into great detail. But I will say my bacon cheeseburger was awesome. Fresh, well-seasoned, and tasted incredibly homemade. It was dressed with a little mayo and ketchup, and topped off with a creamy melted Ameroican cheese, bacon, and pickles. This is everything a fast food burger should be. And the fries rock. These skinny, crispy little gems are a delight.

Gordy's is yet another reason that I love summer! :)